Delhi - Beneath the veneer of the hustle-bustle, the politicos and the beaurocracy, and our 'in-famous' rash behavior lies a city built and used as a capital by different empires, each leaving an enduring mark. This photoblog is my humble effort to unearth the beauty that we often cant see or simply choose to ignore while allowing me to explore my hobby for photography in greater detail.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Qutub on a foggy day

A few pictures of Qutub Minar and complex. The fog has been so dense in Delhi that only 2 stories of the minar were barely visible even at 10 in the morning. As such, not highly pleased with the picture quality but the place was simple out of this world.. the chilly weather and the fog also helped give the feeling of being transported to some distant world.

the famous Iron Pillar.. 1600 years and still no rust.

can you make out the Qutub Minar at the back??

Monday, January 4, 2010

No Pics but a chance to be Goofy again

The fog has suddenly picked up so much in Delhi that one hand had trouble finding the other. Driving to office at 10:30 on Saturday, it felt like the sun was yet to rise. Hence, this Sunday I decided to not venture out aimlessly in the the morning and rather wait till the afternoon/late evening for my excursion. I'd decided to go to Siri Fort, which is adjoining the Siri Fort complex (you can see where the name came from, can't you) which I was anyways gonna visit for badminton.

However, persistent drizzle throughout the day put paid to that plan also. Hence the entire day I was cooped up inside the house and vented my frustration while playing CS, Counter Strike to the un-initiated. CS.. ah, it felt like a refuge from a world gone by. How many days had we wasted, if I may use such a derogatory word as 'wasted' for CS, involved in warfare between the T and the CT's, endless nights spent in planning and perfecting strategies, and classes bunked to indulge in that one last game.

It'd been two years since I'd played the game, and spent the first few hours of 2010 reliving some past memories and glories. A few of Yash's frens had stayed overnight on 31st playing CS till we saw first light of 2010 and we again spent the whole of sunday afternoon in the same pursuit.

It was like 'manna', awakening some dormant being which was asleep for more than 2 years. I'll be the first to admit it wasnt the same without Naga's machine gun, Chacha's blind helter-skelter running, Appy's MP5 and slow comp, Rahul's precision with the CV-47, Mansur's prodigious talent with the sniper and Todi's all round game. As for me, well.. Goofy got another chance to run amok yesterday.
From that I'm hopeful this year would go as well as my college years were.


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