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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Purana Quila

After another week's hiatus, actually it was a fanta-fabulous GOA trip, the pictures of which are unfortunately out of purview of this blog, visited Purana Quila, the inner citadel of the city of Din-a-panah, this sunday. Built by Humayun and then Sher-Shah Suri on the alleged remains of Indraprastha, this also houses the Delhi zoo. As such, a major part of it cannot by explored.

The pics are essentially straight-out-of-camera with a little adjusment to levels and cropping. A couple of photos have been clicked by my cousin, Abhinav Bhagat, and i havent "copyrighted" them, as such.

The lal darwaza, or bada darwaza ( i forget which ) is the main entrance to this magnificient structure.

Sher Mandal, an octagonal structure used by Sher shah as his library and a masjid in the background.

Sher Mandal, through a bush ( Abhinav ). This is where Humayun fell to his untimely death as tried to sight Venus. Thus fortifying the age old theory that women are dangerous. She did not even require her human form to bring about India's Emperor's demise.

The qila-i-kuhna mosque. we were tooo lazy to go nearer.

The Humayun darwaza, one of the entrances to the fort, from an angle. Loved the play o light in this.

The dome of the humayun gate ( Abhinav ). brilliant timing to get the bird's silhouette bang in the middle.

Humayun Darwaza from yet another angle. Climbed illegally to the top through some haphazard barricading. All blames should go to Yash, who found it.

The mughals sure knew how to maintain their lawns. And Delhi police sure knows to place their barricades at the most inappropriate places. made for an interesting photograph, so i'm not complaining.

The "lake" outside the fort.

The following are two panaromas which are best viewed in large size in flickr ( click on the photo )
Untitled_Panorama large



  1. beautiful pics man....I liked Sher Mandal shot ! \m/

  2. And to think about it, I always felt u r d most hardwrking kid in our gang !!! U r hopeless ... Y u wasting so many bits and tits in these photo's very Sunday ???



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