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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Safdarjung Tomb

At the end of one of the posh-est roads of Delhi lies the final resting place of one of the strongest General's of the late Mughal era, Safdarjung. I happened to visit it early on the morning of 14th, alone, and was simply awestruck by it. As one enters the main archway and stares at the magnificent structure, the cacophonous sound of Delhi seem to leave you. Built by Safdarjung' son, it is a monument of love, albeit of a different kind. However, early in the morning on a day dedicated globally to those in love, it stood desolate and empty.

The central chamber of the tomb, 3 stories high, is intimidating to say the least. Not a sound is to be heard even though one stands just a few metres away from Delhi's ever jammed roads.

There was a lot of renovation work going on, which, although a good initiative, seemed to lack in execution. Haphazard signs and repair work seemed to take as much away from the beauty of the place as they sought to restore.

It was a place which seemed to know its time had come, yet it stood resolute, braving all and sundry and still commanding a unique position in Delhi's map.

As enamored as I was with the place, I refrained from taking the usual photographs and tried to click some unusual subjects.



  1. Awesome pics there!! I liked the second one especially! :)
    Why does the first pic, the profile pic of this tomb appear to be of less brightness? Did you do that on purpose?
    And how did you capture the other pic with the tomb in the water droplet? Do you use some software to superimpose the picture in it ??

  2. hey.. thanks... glad you liked them..

    the first pic is a HDR, a combination of 3 pics taken at different exposures.. it's meant to give a slightly surreal feel, somethin not achieved well in this pic.

    the drop pic is NOT superimposed.. only PP done is to make it slightly granular to sharpen the drop.. :)
    i clicked some 5-7 diff pics of this type.. :)

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